Tuesday, November 10, 2009

theosophagusted over

Outside Lohbado Hill Housing Hinkery Honk Hullabaloo, (honking at a motorist slow to accelerate, causing the motorist to brake, reach an arm out the window, shouting and more honking at the intersection of Kent and Victoria), at the same time, a taxi driver buzzed the man upstairs, on Kent Avenue, and asked him to move his hybrid utility-mobile so he could back out his Chevrolet Impala and go to work. Meanwhile a machine vacuumed leaves. In desperation, I opened Finnegans Wake, page 610, and read "theosphagusted over", which really hit the nail on the head, regardless whether you're into theosophy, interested in sarcophagi, or fundamentally put off over the whole proceedings, including, death, dance and decay.

A spirit seized Lohbado by the throat and made him run around, dissociated, half in and half out of body, a haze of sight and soft-pedaled sound, not to mention earthy smell of moist turkey stuffing fresh out of the oven, with onions, carrots, mashed turnips and potatoes. Angry spirits tried to get him, so Lohbado mooshed them with plums. The spirits kicked him in the gut; bile-vapor-guck clogged his throat, causing him to mumble ego goo. The whole system got thrown out of whack. Lohbado was beside himself with agitation and drowsiness. There was nothing left to do but to sit down, gaze out the window and wait it out.

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DougH said...

Impala exhaust disgusts the esophagus.