Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hog Virus

A hundred people lined up to get the flu shot. They had some chairs for people to sit down.

Here's a Lohbado question: does prevention lie in the needle, or in the ritual ordeal of lining up? A Lohbado gimmick: the longer the lineup, the greater the expectation of receiving something effective and powerful, something to eliminate anxiety and fear, to make one immune to both real and imagined threat.

Some people find long lineups unbearable. In the Cha Region of the Po Valley, a middle-aged woman collapsed while waiting in line at a Club Morono Clinic to have the Lohbado shot against Hog Virus. For those who don't like lineups, there's always the black market. Outside Bull's Blood Tavern, in the parking lot, a man in a black leather jacket and his buddy in a sleeveless jean jacket were jabbing the needle into the arms of people who asked for it, twenty dollars per injection.

Black market street vending does happen from time to time. The other morning, as I walked home from the strip mall, I saw a man set up about fifty pairs of tube socks and packages of underwear. Immediately a crowd of people gathered around, wanting to buy something, to have a good deal. A man picked up a pair of white socks and asked: Papa, how much for these? The vendor said: those are ladies socks.

The main thing is to wash your hands at least a hundred times a day. Scrub the hands until the skin turns red. Don't pick your nose, because that could introduce deadly virus into the blood stream, via nostrils. Don't wipe lip mucous on to your hands. Lips are highly absorbent. In other words, follow common sense. Take all necessary precaution to avoid getting Hog Virus. If your nose starts to swell up and turn pink, or if your throat tightens, causing you to grunt or oink when you cough, chances are, you have the virus and should go as soon as possible and get the Lohbado Shot at your local Club Morono Clinic.

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