Friday, May 27, 2011

reach for the sky

Tornadoes, forest fires, flooding, earthquake, what's going on! All day it was so dark in Montreal, it felt like a dream. I live on a tall tree-lined street, which attracts a lot of birds, especially crows. The other day when I felt down, a crow squawked from an overhead branch. I looked up and the crow looked at me and I looked at the crow. Gazing into the crow's eyes immediately made me relax and feel spacious. Even in a big city, it's possible to connect with nature.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

lunch time

For years, Lohbado has been eating spaghetti, with a little olive oil and cheese, plus sometimes a pickle, for lunch. Today is no exception. Lohbado-style spaghetti has a subtle, unspectacular flavor, similar to the taste of the inside of one's cheeks. Lohbado spaghetti is a low stress food, leaving few surprises for the palate.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christina and Pokey

A sunny afternoon on a back balcony in Little Italy, Montreal, Christina and Pokey let me take their picture. After a long winter, followed by a stormy, rainy spring, a sunny afternoon creates euphoria.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lohbado's apartment smelled like digestion. Clothes absorbed the damp compost odor. Steamy Lohbado went outside to dry. He visited Lohbada. Her apartment smelled like stomach and intestines, a little gall bladder and spleen, not to mention pancreas, adding to the stuffed, swollen ooze putrefaction. Lohbado and Lohbado hugged each other in a putrefactory apartment containing mold on mildew walls. After, they walked to the plaza. Food for ants, turkey, crab, rabbits by the dozen, sleeping dogs and kittens were down at the plaza during the sunny weekend, oozing and frisky.