Saturday, May 14, 2011

lunch time

For years, Lohbado has been eating spaghetti, with a little olive oil and cheese, plus sometimes a pickle, for lunch. Today is no exception. Lohbado-style spaghetti has a subtle, unspectacular flavor, similar to the taste of the inside of one's cheeks. Lohbado spaghetti is a low stress food, leaving few surprises for the palate.

For the second night in a row, Lohbado dreamed about having to be at the airport in thirty minutes. He'd barely started packing the suitcase. He was caught uprepared. He had thirty minutes to pack the suitcase, get to the airport, check in the luggage, go through security clearance and get on the plane. Lohbado told his dream to a Nomroh Counselor at the local Club Morono Tabernacle.

The Nomroh said it was a dream about death. Getting ready to die is similar to going to the departure lounge at the airport. One receives a ticket to a final destination, or rather, the destination occurs in the lounge, as the body is about to become a corpse. This dream has nothing to do with the dangers of flying, or about security pat downs and the danger of fluids. The flying dream is filled with symbolism. During adolescence, a flying dream could be about sexuality. During middle age, it's more likely about death.

Lohbado was glad to be a speck of dust dissolving in space and time, for lack of better words. A whole lifetime, nothing special, would soon come to an end. He noticed how ego tricked him into believing he was a big deal, or somehow unique, when really, ego is more like an optical illusion cast on a wall, like when light passes through a prism.

Enjoy the colors and forms. Smile while it lasts. Such a realization could be refreshing and spacious, if one could get over opinions, beliefs and strong emotions. From the point of view of ego, death could be depressing. Ego really wants things to last and to change as little as possible. That's why ego is in so much pain. Ego is too small to accommodate reality, which is vast and profound, like the sky. Each attempt of ego to assert itself is about as futile as trying to sign one's name on the surface of water.

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