Saturday, June 25, 2011

self portrait with jar of juice

 Lucid liquid tungsten temple pickle picture melted butter and sugar mix on warm dough. That's a Moronovian dialect used to order coffee and a muffin. The juice gave off a golden glow and bathed the bathroom in jaundice yellow, which disappeared the moment Lohbado turned off the light and entered the kitchen. The top of the toilet tank made a handy table for the water closet picnic. A priest of Nomroh instructed me to take a picture of my face reflected in the yellow light of a bathroom mirror. It's a sober reminder about the strangeness of being in a body, without understanding why there even is such a thing as a body. Pretty freaky.

Monday, June 20, 2011


 Ever since encountering the moisturologist in the last chapter of Finnegans Wake, page 608, Lohbado frequently ended up in murky, moist situations, for example, when counting coins over morning coffee, while attempting to read a notebook discussion about eggs, digestion and how the human body ages.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

tell-tale eggs and stain

 As repetitive as heartbeat and breathing, boiled eggs and coffee were followed with a plate of spaghetti in Lohbado's kitchen. According to Morono Cuisine, preparation is as important as eating. When cooking becomes spectacle, a hungry guest eats not only food, but also the appearance, or visual appearance of food. Stain, spill, moisture and ooze are integral to the Club Morono dining experience. Playing with a hackneyed metaphor, Lohbado opened a notebook and spilled coffee and ink on to the page and then used a paper napkin to sponge away excess fluid.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

cat and flower

This is the cat that looks in my front window quite often. The bottom of the window is at the level of the lawn. The cat could gaze down into the apartment while I sat there imagining flowers in the sky, huge puff clouds.

The middle of the flower turns into an eye if you look at it long enough and the head of the cat turns into a flower. The flower soothes the right eye and the cat the left, before going to sleep, to ensure pleasant dreaming.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

renovation season Cote des Neiges

 I watched over coffee this morning as renovation began on the basement suite across the street. It was impressive to see the equipment move into position along a busy street. Lots of people got close to have a look. Even a group of children from the daycare stopped to enjoy the spectacle.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windy Day, Montreal

 June 1 came into Montreal in a blast of strong, hot wind. A few branches blew down. Dirt got flung in the face and stung the eyes. The temperature went from 32 C to 14 C the next day. I sat opposite Metro Cote des Neiges, in a little park to relax. I took a photo, using a pocket camera, of the flag blowing in the wind and of windows across the street. I often wonder what kind of activity goes on behind those windows. It drives my imagination wild. It could be the set for a post apocalyptic movie, or a story from Club Morono.