Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Please Laugh

Gaudy, tacky, primary colors, twinkle pattern, big droopy dream eyes, melancholy puppy, love, so tragic and so young, I saw it, while riding the metro, youngsters making out on the train. They enjoyed my embarrassment and did it even more, hugging and kissing. I got used to it.

When I got off the train, I saw a hundred Lohbados crawling up the stairs and touching the forehead to each step.
Each step, another day in the affliction of being in a body, doing bodily things in order to earn being in a body in order to do bodily things.

Take the word Lohbado, which means: the one who drools through his beard. The first syllable Loh means, in Morono dialect, to go to the white light, tinkle, twinkle stars and angels without genitals. Morono messages, mumbled stories, endless fragments, the fairy godmother, inflated with certainty about auras, astral travel, totem animals, shamanic underground, astrology, eastern guru nirvana trip and who knows what applied as a thin plaster to cover cracks in the tissue of lies. Please, play the game. And please, we invite you to laugh. Please, go ahead and laugh, in all seriousness. Cry, shout and rage with laughter.

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