Friday, November 6, 2009

Morono Practice

Once in a while, every so often, every man, woman and child has a bad day. My habitual reaction is to grumble, rant and rave, sort of like a man shouting in pain after dropping a piece of metal on his toe. Such behavior is entirely unnecessary. At Club Morono, one deals with frustration by doing Morono Practice. This practice involves surprising movements and unusual sounds. This practice was received by Ooo Man Harry Dick on the Sacred Mound after World War III.
Ok, I'm not telling the story in sequence. This is part of the Lohbado Story, a work in progress, presented on Radio McGill during the Harvey Christ Radio Hour, and on Guelph Radio, during Mannlicher Carcanno Hour. The Ooo people, meaning zero zero zero, but also their communion with Oogah, an anthropomorphic representative of God, the code to erase incriminating evidence, had taken shelter under a glass domed concealed within a sand dune in the Sahara Desert. Radiation leak caused the right hemisphere of the brain to swell, making the Ooo people more susceptible to religious inspiration and contact with the life-force power of the universe.

Ooo Man Harry Dick, on the Holy Mound, made contact with a burning bush. It was the holy bush of Oorsis, the female anthropomorphic representative of God and co-creator of the universe. Her and Oogah rolled around in the milky way to create the world as we know it.  Oorsis told Harry to beat his chest, pound his head against a wall, rock or any hard surface and to shout over and over again the following: ooo ooo cha, ooo ooo, cha, ooo ooo-ooo cha and so on. In this way, frustration would be reduced and the mind would become more pliable, or able to accept new ideas, without getting upset over difference or disagreement. In this way, people would be able to get along with each other, thus avoiding the possibility of another world war. Oogah and Oorsis insisted that planet earth cold not withstand a World War Four.

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