Monday, November 30, 2009

Lobado Beans

When questioned about the rising price of bread, Oogah replied: Let them eat beans.  
Club Morono  Beanery, or Deli stocks a plentiful supply of creamed saffron beans to get you through those hungry moments. One plate of beans will take away your desire to eat for the next three hours, during which time, under the influence of rising vapors or gas, one could engage in a lively session of Lohbado Dialectics. While beans mingle, moving around, changing shape and consistency in some sort of digestive dance in the belly, one could lie face down and listen to messages from the ground or roll on the back and float off into space.

His mind was driven with conscious contradiction and ceaseless movement of thought. He despaired of ever finding peace and unity. Lohbado tried to escape himself. In doing so, he separated into two Lohbados, one regarding the other. They attempted to reconcile. The moment they felt peace a real possibility, they sank into conflicting difference, pushed apart and divided against each other. 

Lohbado and Lohbado went to Club Morono Tabernacle and cried out to Oogah. Oogah said: "Dualistic Lohbado is one Lohbado containing division. With this knowledge, go forth as the new unified, yet divided into opposites Lohbado."

Lohbado had hoped, in becoming one with himself, to put an end to duality. However, the very act of creating Lohbado involved that which lay beyond Lohbado, or that which was not him.

Lohbado then tried to be one with Oogah. This proved impossible, because trying to become one with Oogah established Oogah as an alien force, separate from the Lohbado trying to bring about union.

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