Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coffee with Lohbado

Knife and fork on paper napkin, red decorative border; outside, huge black letters spell the word: REST. 

The rest of the word: AURANT hidden by a flowery building on the corner.  To approach Notre Dame, Mama Mia, Lady of Mercy, please put in a good word on my behalf. There's a flower tower down the street, put in a good word on behalf of a man who got ship wrecked on the high seas of dream, battered and drowned in the storm of hope and fear, washed up, stop!

Put on the clothes of imagination. Go out and greet the world. The huge letters flashing rest into my eyes, bold black on white, a small panel off to one side containing the face of Big Jo Smash, a manifestation of Lohbado, no hesitation; break through the shell of inertia. Remove plastic wrap from the head, so it's easier to breathe. Get out of the suffocating tub of amniotic fluid in a bathroom lit by a forty watt bulb.

Go to the palace of Oogah. Cry out to Oogah from the four corners of the Club Morono Tabernacle. You're walking on buried treasure. The cabinets are filled with golden books. Each book acts as a window, a fragment of reality, each book an expression of universal essence.

Don't be downcast or discouraged. Leave sorrow over there in the dark corner behind the door. Put on that brocade jacket of pain. It takes courage to wear one's pain without flinching, to look demons in the eye, to meet the challenge of death and life, to dance when demons invite you to dance, and to converse with wild fox spirits, who barely have time of day. They flash a hard, knowing glare and then leave. By the glare in the eye, you will know the wild fox spirit.

If you're not afraid of Oogah's little macabre entourage, you might see the old baboon himself, the primordial ape, transmutation of male rage. For women, there's Oorsis, the great bear, Ursus Arctos Horriblis. Oorsis tamed Oogah, taught him how to communicate without shouting and the many uses of the alphabet.

Oogah stopped beating his chest like a gorilla and took on the form of a bear in order to follow Oorsis in the great frozen plains of the north.

Oogah gave up jungle chest beating and began to write the Book of Oogah. He began with a description of reproduction instinct, the instinct to grab and hug another being, like molecules of H joining O to form water. Hydrogen practicing polygamy with Oxygen married, conjoined, became water, until heat or evaporation parts or puts asunder what Oogah and Oorsis joined together.

Each member of Club Morono becomes a simple inner being, or an element of the organic body of Oogah (masculine) or Oorsis (feminine) which gives shape to a male or female body. The structured shape of the human body articulates the element of being, the great being emanation of Oogah and Oorsis, O and O, or OOO, the anthropomorphic representatives of God and co-creators of the universe.

Lohbado went downcast and afflicted to the Morono Tabernacle. Oogah said: go out and ingest sight and sound. Digest sight and sound in the stomach of imagination. Transmute them into stories, fables or spontaneous fragments, digested sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. 

The heavy worm, sunk in the snake pit of catatonia, inertia, loss of passion, no will, given up on life drank several cups of coffee to awaken the worm slumbering in arrested development, in need of a prod to continue its process and emerge as a moth or butterfly, the smell of ketchup and vinegar. 

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