Thursday, November 12, 2009

please, don't sin

Please, get a hold of yourself. You're not seeing what's in front of the eye. A blur obscures the eye, a dizzying waterfall of nonsense words poke like needles, all over the body, making it difficult to sit down and concentrate. Please, don't sin, don't transgress moral law or do anything that would make your great great grandmother or grandfather turn over in his or her grave.

Set up a good story, a good room, good lamp, good creation he saw that it was good, after so much time wasted feeling bad. What excitement, to finally realize that it’s good. Good is a strong word. Maybe fine or OK would be more suitable. Of course, any word is open to discussion, semantics, does the world mean what you or it intended?

The tradition, history and usage of a word and how you use it leaves a lot to the imagination, a lot vague, implied, unsaid, unintended or partially understood overtones. Leave the experts to argue about the relationship of thought, alphabet, word and image. Disagreement, limited agreement, far from unanimous, undermines certainty. I’m not certain, except that if I stop breathing, I’m certain death would happen.

Lungs have to function; heart must beat, while mind coordinates the nexus, body/mind continuum. Organs have to move, otherwise the motion of decay kicks in. Without breath and blood circulation, the body would soon rot, stink and decay. This body, quite possibly beautiful right now, will be repulsive after it becomes a corpse. You’re not likely to want to kiss the cold lips of a corpse, no matter how beautiful the mouth.

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