Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time Saving Device

With so many time-saving devices, cell phones, palm pilots, little computers and services like text-messaging, twitter, facebook, email and so on, what do you do with saved time? That could be an interesting study: how do people use saved time?

Technology enables one to report every itch or thought. So many tools exist. Language evolves, simplified spelling, fewer articles and adjectives, to enable one to make it quick, to get to the point as quickly as possible, in order to save time, because to waste time is painful. Time is so precious, often I get cut off after saying a few words. The other person is anxious to assure me that he or she knows what I mean and that he or she is experiencing the same thing; so there's no need for me to waste time talking about it. There's not even time to verify if we are, in fact, talking about similar experiences, or something quite different.

Cutting off the other person lets the person know that the contents of what he or she is trying to say is not important. Say it quick and move on.

The emphasis on speedy, streamlined communication encourages trivial discourse. Meaningful discussion might consume valuable time. It would be rude of one person to insist that the other person listen and respond to something deeper. A few grunts and groans, a little superficial chatter will do the trick.

Here's how I spent saved time on Sunday morning. I walked to a local fast food restaurant, ordered a coffee and then sat upstairs in the mezzanine. I go out every morning to clear the lungs after sleeping in a moldy, toxic rot world of a damp, basement apartment. I went to the plastic world of hairdryer music in the food court of a fast food restaurant. Two people sat in a corner and talked into headsets, hooked up to laptops. No need to be here now. It's quite simple to be here and elsewhere. Sit back and enjoy the sedative music, the even level of equalized sound, innocuous, mediocre, background music, lyrics proclaiming worlds of masturbatory emotion,  moronic noise. Baby I love you. Why won't you love me? I love the way you love me. If you don't love me, then I hate you, oh baby, baby...

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