Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Food

Happy Food, Lord Heart, livid lips, luminous teeth, languid tongue, wet nostrils, gleaming eyes, take a moment over lunch to read whatever appears before the eye, a piece of advertising, the information on a package of crackers, the contents of a jar of peas, the composition of ketchup. Pause, in the kitchen, where the belly goes for comfort and contemplate the mysteries of the organism.

I did the laundry this morning. While clothes washed in the machine, I sat down next door, in a corner store, for a cup of coffee, which cost seventy-five cents. The woman was really friendly and provided a free refill. While there, I noticed that it's possible to choose between happy peanuts and peanuts with less grease. Some people put bounce in the dryer. Across the street, the word "Fruits" gleamed in red along the front of a grocery store. I gazed at melting snow in front of the buildings, piles of dirty gray snow, coarse granules. A mild winter, with many cloudy days, affected Montreal. A woman said, "My husband stayed home and watched TV. Olympics are over. Finished."

Canada won the hockey game. I watched a woman rubbing grease from a shirt collar. A pregnant woman, hubby and child pulled up in front of the laundry. An old man gazed with an outpouring of grandfatherly love. 
Later, take a metro ride. Religious people often stand at the top or bottom of escalators. Socks, purses, wallets, and jewelry for sale covered several tables in the space leading to the turnstiles. People gathered on benches or stood waiting on the platform for the subway train to arrive. A busker filled the station with flute music, tinkle emotion, sugary synthesizer wash of suffocatingly sweet sentimentality, big, gushy, feel-good sound, an epic sense of oneness with trivial truths about the cosmos. 

In the cafe, an old couple at the next table stirred their coffee in unison-- old couple, spoon-clink duet. I ordered a wall-paper paste textured pancake and spread moist peanut butter on a cracker. Eyes in the belly looked at what other people were eating: sausages, eggs, toast, bacon, ham, pastries... I saw an ad for the new Club Morono i-Deeot. It records ideas, platitudes, jargon, gibberish, the funniness of funny, hairdos, eyes, expressions, emotions... a must have for the gadget conscious go-getter.

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