Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Dream

Day dream procrastination, a wave of drowsiness, followed by choppy, agitated waves, it's sometimes difficult to get going in the morning, to settle down and face the task at hand.

That's what's happening to me right now in Montreal. I woke from a deep sleep to answer the phone, someone calling from the airport to say goodbye before leaving for a two-week vacation.

I hang up the phone, get dressed, eat breakfast and go out into the bright sunny day, spring fever. Great deals to be had on fruit and vegetables in the stores along Van Horne, near Victoria. Sit in the cafe, background music too loud. Draw pictures in a sketchbook.  Watch people come and go. Listen to various dialects, speech melody and rhythm.

Walk home. A friend phones: rendezvous this afternoon. Do email. The sun moves higher in the sky: euphoria. Make a pot of strong coffee.  Phone rings again, racing thoughts, worry, scenarios, situations.

A glaze passes over the eyes as mind is swept away into day dream. Do whatever is necessary to return to the task at hand. Stand outside for a moment. Look at the sky. Listen. Calm down. Relax. Start again.

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