Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clean Cut Dream Salon

Obviously clean cut feels good, like close shave, trimmed fingernails, clipped nostril hairs. Do what you like with other  God-counted hairs, bikini lines, leg bristles, armpit display, every man or woman has his or her fair share of hairy garden.

Clean shaven, half-bald man, freshly washed hands and unscented deodorant arranged stacks of papers, shelved books, read fliers, checked emails, talked on the phone, looked out the window, ate lunch, took an afternoon nap and then lounged into evening and night, was this the dream Lohbado was talking about during a recent meeting at Club Morono? 

Stream of conscience strictly unnecessary, please analyze thoughts into conscious pattern for unnecessary organization, or enter appropriate adjectives in the spread sheet, or chart, for quick and easy reference.

For example, in the box labeled "this morning", enter the following anecdote from last night:

I took a taxi home last night. I sat the back seat of a Chevrolet and was too tired to talk. We rode in silence, until the chauffeur received a call regarding an old man in pain who required a lift to hospital. The driver refused. 

"Tell him to call an ambulance," he told the dispatcher and then hung up.

He told me he was a taxi driver, not an ambulance driver. Sick people should call an ambulance. 

"I don’t want a man dying in my cab, because then there would be an investigation, lots of questions. I might have to appear in court. It's a big waste of money and time. Each day of not working is money lost."
     A taxi driver has the right to refuse customers who need an ambulance, or people who are drunk, aggressive or dirty. One time he refused a man with a bleeding hand. 

"Who's going to pay to clean the blood off the upholstery?" exclaimed the chauffeur.

 It’s not easy being a taxi driver. There are so many cabs out there and not enough space at the taxi stands. If a taxi waits in a non-designated area, a policeman could hand him an expensive fine. Often the taxi stands are full, requiring the chauffeur to cruise around, wasting gas and money, waiting for a vacant space or the next call.

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