Thursday, October 21, 2010

we got divorced

  Well, it happens to a lot of people. Don't feel bad. Change is part of existence. Maybe they could remain friends.  

"Is love worse living?" is a line from Finnegans Wake. I have nothing to add on the subject of divorce. From personal experience, marriage seems like a joke. However, I won't go into that. There's no blame and no bad feelings. So far I've made it through life without hating anyone and hopefully it will stay that way. Of course, some situations are worth leaving, that's obvious. A lot of couples have been together a long time. They work hard at the relationship and find it rewarding.

This picture was inspired by a billboard in Toronto, which presented a man and a woman. I'm not sure what was the point. By looking at the people on the billboard, maybe the viewer would feel inspired to try harder. The hidden messages in the picture made me laugh, so I drew in imaginary faces and changed the text and voila, you have it, divorce.

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