Thursday, October 14, 2010

Really Good Deal

As a companion piece to the Bread Os posted on Club Morono, Dreaming Man decided to offer painted bread circles for as low as 79 cents, or the fresher ones at 99 cents. Hurry, while supplies still last. Take advantage of this time limited Dreaming Man Eye-Popper Deal.

In order to explore the significance of the situation, I'm going down to the local plaza and then will come back and write the missing manual. Before leaving, I'll quickly list a few key points.

Each 0 contains a sand-grained universal evocative mind-tickling detail. So much depends upon a red O on a sheet of waxed paper covering a stained aluminum pizza tray. 

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, there's more to the story of O than those keepers of the sacred circle led one to believe. Remember the connection between the letter O and the digit zero. And of course, the famous ancient, but still relevant and unresolved paradoxes of Zeno, who dove into an intricate examination of the nature of time and motion and point instants. The possibility of never arriving and so on looms over the discussion.

Anyone familiar with Club Morono philosophy will note how O is a button, which one could press to regulate chaos. An entire Department, The Department of Regulation, was set up in attempt to bring about standardization of heterogeneity, or to render the unfamiliar more familiar, by means of eliminating or silencing anything which could threaten central control.

O is the time-honored cry uttered just before pressing the panic button and its effect on various sphincters.

Zero zero zero served as code, 000,  for the people of the Ooo. 000 erased incriminating evidence from hard drives before administrators took off to the protection of a glass dome in the Cha Region of the Poh Valley, a classified and uninhabitable region of the Sahara Desert.

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