Sunday, March 20, 2011

beauty treatment

If I were a young and sporty, I'd definitely want to go to the above place for beauty treatment. The sign has all the elements of mystery and style, such as a yellow star in the bottom left corner, the elegant red lettering on yellow stroke and of course, standard male and female model posters. However, I'm a balding, middle-aged man. I get my hair done at the Club Morono School of Beauty, where one approaches the finished look in terms of tonal families, for example, the browns, blacks, whites, reds, not to mention the blues and sometimes yellow. Each color has a particular color, famous for the qualities of that color. Each color reveals personality traits, which could be used to influence one's trajectory into the future. No one has yet become a millionaire using Club Morono principles, however, there's nothing wrong with dreaming. In the world of dreaming men and women, anything is possible.

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