Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Beauty of Difference

Moralistic spasms defend psychic tissue from difference. Shivers run up ego's spine when someone disagrees or presents a different concept, idea, hypothesis or way of looking at things. Look what happened to Galileo, who promoted the view that earth is not the center of the universe. Look at what happens when people of different religions collide. Read holy scripture about how Jesus brought peace with a sword and those who refused to worship and obey would be cast into the lake of eternal fire. On a mundane level, fear of difference occurs as one person pressures another into agreement. Discussions are not possible when participants are intimidated into going along with the dominant discourse. We're expected to sit quietly, like round bubblegum inside the glass bubble of consensus reality.

Communication is reduced to an exchange of tissue. One makes mental tissue out of habits, opinions, beliefs, reactions, strong emotions and naive views about reality. In creating tissue, one doesn't pause to reflect, or to examine one's assumptions. "I think therefore it's true" is the slogan. One defends personal tissue with anger, paranoia and outbursts of moralistic fervor.

Difference is a knife that cuts holes in the tissue of self-deception, or unquestioning acceptance of the dominant discourse. The lie: you can be who you are, as long as you do as we say. You're free, as long as you obey. You can differ, as long as you fit within pre-defined boundaries.

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