Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Luck, Best Wishes For You

On behalf of all the good little dreaming girls and boys on the other side of the mountain, as they wait for toy train to bring "an assortment of numerous and species assorts with the popular vogue syncronous...", read the rest in the picture above. Good luck and happiness to everyone from the dreaming people of dreamland.

The picture is from a label of wrapping paper I bought yesterday at one of the many dollar stores in Cote des Neiges. It's a major step, to actually get it together with wrapping presents, as opposed to just stuffing them in a plastic bag. I'm now a Christmas Wrapper.

The label is also a beautiful specimen of inventive English. There must be a term for when someone not sure of another language recreates it in a novel fashion. One could start a blog about the wonderful, poetic language presentations, in both French and English, not to mention the amount of Yiddish, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Portugese, Hindi, Filipino and vast array of oriental languages and so on, in this multi-ethnic neighborhood.

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