Friday, December 17, 2010

Lotus Flower

After tossing and turning a while, I rose from the bed and started looking at pictures from an autumn visit to Les Jardins Botanique in Montreal. The lotuses were past their prime, but still packed a wallop of psychedelic beauty. No wonder the lotus ranks up there with the rose, as a powerful symbol. The lotus grows in swampy soil. The idea of something so beautiful coming out of the mud suggests how a someone could be floundering about in confusion, but then, with a little patience, effort, discipline and intelligence, flower into a wise and decent person.  During difficult moments, after wandering waist high into the weeds, or stumbling into brambles, I scramble back on the Mornovian Path. I will soon close my eyes and visualize these flowers and hopefully, fall asleep, to join the billions of people dreaming right now.

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