Monday, November 29, 2010

golden countryside

Sometimes, when waking up Monday morning to the prospect of another week, it helps to visualize something pleasant. I thought of this landscape, of Prince Edward Island, where one doesn't hear noisy neighbors, or breathe vehicle exhaust. The landscape is not cluttered with signs. In the morning, one could wake up to the beauty of nature. Of course, one could find nature in the city. That requires a bit of creativity.

Here's a photo of the property next door.

To find nature in the city means observing details, for example, the crows or sea gulls, who hang out and feed on garbage. One could find nature through observing unspectacular trees lining the street. If all else fails, look at the sky and how the light changes, morning, noon and night. It's soothing to gaze into the vast space of the sky.

Sometimes I relax by looking at patterns, for example, to sit near a brick wall and observe how each brick fits into the larger picture, or to gaze at the perspective lines of the sidewalk as it stretches to the perpendicular line of a traffic artery on the horizon.

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