Sunday, November 21, 2010

chocoate Easter bunnies on parade

Protection of the Easter Bunny, milk chocolate in gold-colored foil, unwrap the bunny, break off a piece and hold in in the hand. Close the hand over the chocolate and let it melt. Open the hand. Observe the dark-brown, sweet substance in the palm of the hand. Lick it off. Chocolate coats mouth and teeth. Milk bunny softens and collapses in the mouth.

The Easter eggs provide more resistance, due to dense cream filling. Some eggs are hollow like Christmas tree ornaments. Hollow eggs quickly collapse between upper and lower teeth and liquify on the tongue. Solid melts into moisture and then travels down the esophagus to begin its pilgrimage through stomach and intestines.

Proffered protection of bunnies begins even before the removal of foil reveals naked bunny underneath. Chocolate, so sweet, you can smell it. Was there supposed to be some sort of metaphysical significance? Such funny questions echo through my mind. Picture the brain in a boudoir skull, red velvet, puffy sofa and easy chairs, wine-red cushions and moist wall paper peeling back. In the middle of the room a brain rests in a puddle of warm salt water. If one looks closely enough to locate the pineal gland, one might find the seat of the soul.

Of course, what good is a soul separated from a body, assuming such separation possible? Without a body, how would the familiar thoughts, attitudes and opinions stick together? Once liberated from the reference point of a body, the mind would dissolve into increasingly random and disconnected thoughts. Is it possible for thought to occur without a bodily apparatus to house or generate thought?

The immaterial is inconceivable. Even the abstraction or concept of number exists as a result of having observed quantities and dimensions of material things. It's all in the Easter bunny, a group of them on parade, to guard and distribute Easter eggs and muffins. Even ghosts and spirits could not exist without referencing the material world. Thoughts, memories, fantasy, the supernatural-- don't forget to brush your teeth after eating the bunny.

The biggest mystery is the riddle of existence, so amazingly strange. My mind blanks out when I try to understand what life is all about. It might be embarrassing to connect with naked reality, after undressing the bunny. It's easier to cover it up under the gold foil of habit and the chatter of emotion and belief.

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