Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Existentialist Dummy

A manikin or dummy having an existentialist or Lohbado moment, bearing the full burden of freedom as he stands in an old barn and gazes out at potato fields stretching to the horizon, notice the contrast of light and dark, to emphasize the tension of inner and outer. Maybe he should move to Prince Edward Island, home of Ann of Green Gables and relax by the ocean.

By coincidence, I stumbled across two Sartre books at the local library, Les mots and Le mur. Le mur (the wall) opens with the scenario of three men sent to a dark, damp and cold room in the hospital basement where they wait to be executed at the crack of dawn. The narrator describes the mental torment of being in such a situation and by a strange twist of fate, is spared, while his comrades die. The story, among other things, offers a contemplation of mortality and the strangeness of being in a body.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to a student of music practice French horn, while the rice simmers in a basement apartment.

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