Friday, September 3, 2010

Male/Female Communion

I drew a character, gray-haired, perhaps androgynous, neither male nor female. He exists in a state of male/female communion, free from desire and at peace with his nature. Desire de-stabilizes a person.

A hungry, desiring person reaches out, grasps, craves or yearns for another person. This  makes the hungry person vulnerable to a fall. Nothing moral implied here, it's only a description, or investigation. It's neither good nor bad.

To be free is to learn to live with the pain of hunger, desire and loneliness. To learn to be alone, to be one's own company, strengthens the individual. Part of learning to be alone is opening up in compassion, or non-judgmental understanding. It involves realizing how one is not alone. Humans are interconnected. People exist interdependently, in constellations (of family, friends, colleagues, strangers and so on), molecules, little worlds of scattered people, exerting influence on each other.

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