Thursday, July 22, 2010

not a vegetarian

Today I went the whole hog and performed a culinary experiment in non-vegetarian cuisine, after twenty-five years of ... ______ (fill in the blank). Not only did I walk to the supermarket in the strip mall and purchase two pieces of pork for two dollars, I took it home and ate it. I've eaten raw seal liver, raw caribou heart, beluga whale, fish in various states of death and decay, but to bite into the lowly pink pig was something I hadn't done in years.

I'm going to celebrate by running out to buy a loaf of bread from a store that has the cheapest bread prices in town. I better go now before the store closes. Maybe continue this later. Oink oink... sure hope this doesn't lead to hog flu.


Ok, I just got back from the store and bought a bundle of bananas for 39 cents a pound. If you break the bundle, they charge 79 cents a pound. Have a banana for desert, good old monkey food.

As for pork, maybe stick to beans. Pig has so many religious and social overtones. It's an insult to call somebody a pig. Swine is even worse. Moses said nobody should eat pig meat, maybe because of Trichinosis or something like that. Porking is also an expression sometimes used to describe human sexual intercourse. What would a pig say about all this, if it could speak?

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