Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Heat

Remember, it's not always the pretty picture that counts. Not even the lowly selling/buying pawn shop, gold-silver, beanie babies in any form escapes the control God spreads over the zone. The thing about the present heat wave, as I was saying to Joe over lunch, this heat is a hot heat, the direct opposite of moist or dry cold. Only a saddu would wander bare chested, no sunscreen, head exposed to the sun in an Oceanside Job Lot parking lot, or down the streets of a ville run by the mart.

Things were getting a little hot, so we caught a ride to Vermont in order to cool off with American friends at the beach and to soak in a little freeway community folk lore, which resembles a lot of the folklore along any freeway anywhere. I was struck by the slogans indicating that God is in control and could do anything. I asked why God didn't stop the oil gush from the well in the Gulf of Mexico and someone suggested it was God punishing humans for sin.

God has a track record of inflicting severe punishment. He wiped out all of humanity during Noah's flood. After words, he promised not to do it again and even sent a rainbow to backup his promise. However, a few chapters of Genesis later, God is at it again, wiping out Sodom and Gomorrah in an explosion of fire. The only reason he spared Lot is because Abraham pleaded for God to at least spare one family.

Anyway, bumper stickers and signs indicated that God and guns run the show, so non-sinful people could sit back and enjoy the ride. All you have to do is trust, obey and do it cause daddy said so, because daddy knows best.

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