Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creative Process

Here's a panel from a comic book in process, I won't give away details, except to say that I'm rushing to get it done soon. It's the first comic book I've done for print, so it won't be technically perfect. But, that's part of the process, learning curves every step of the way.

I'm using Adobe CS 2 indesign, making frames and popping in the pictures, but then each picture needs editing. I'm learning about making cleaner lines. Jagged, ragged looking lines usually happen with freehand, which is what I do. I end up living with them. It's a question of letting the project flow, as opposed getting locked in to a technical struggle. This is a totally do it yourself deal. Given time constraints, those funky lines will have to do, otherwise the thing will drag on for the rest of my life.

Creative process... trade secrets? No secrets. Do the best you can and have fun. Even a technically limited artist such as myself can slowly learn through sheer perseverance. Even technically clumsy stuff could be interesting. I mean, you're in the desert. One drinks whatever could be made drinkable.

Make something. Make it public. Have another look. Delete the trashy parts, add more, or ignore it and move on. Don't take it too seriously. Have a good time!

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