Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spirituality of Cats

I'm not a cat owner, but during the past two months, have been in close contact with cats. I'm currently taking care of a cat for owners on vacation. I went into the cat situation with no preconceived notions, and am now convinced that cats have a connection with the beyond.

I don't take drugs and haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve. The following event took place after I'd eaten a light meal and drank a cup of coffee. I'd been reading the Bible, the story of Abraham taking his son Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him. I wondered what social services would say if a man would lay his son on a pile of stones and then raise a sword to kill him. Thankfully, an angel made Abram stop, as he was about to make the fatal cut. I wonder what Isaac must have thought as he lay there, tied to the altar, while his father raised a sword to kill him. That's certainly something the boy would remember for a long time.

Anyway, God tells people to do strange things. It's not up to us to question God's will.

At this very moment, a cat sits on my lap, purring inspiration into my mind, as if telling me what to write. 

I'd been drinking coffee when suddenly the cat ran into the middle of the kitchen and asked to be let out into the back yard. I opened the sliding doors and saw something that made me wonder if I were awake or dreaming.

A huge cumulus cloud formed on the horizon. The cat stood on hind legs and waved its paws in the air, as if trying to pray. I ran and grabbed a camera as the cat began meowing in rapture, and doing its best to stand on hind legs, reaching out towards some presence. I too felt it, a sense of the beyond. The cat directed my attention to the sky. Deep within the cloud I saw something red, surrounded with rays of light. I zoomed in and saw that it was a sacred heart, in golden rays. I stooped down and began clicking away as the cat repeatedly leaped towards the heart in the cloud, as if dancing for joy. The cat really wanted that heart.

I put away the camera and stood there in awe, as the heart floated in the cloud. The vision lasted about a minute and then vanished, along with the cloud, leaving nothing but a clear blue sky. My heart felt warm. I trembled and wept tears of joy. The cat rolled around on the ground. I knew this was a moment to cherish in my heart for a long time. As a gesture of thanks, I placed an apple, an orange and some grapes near a small ash tree in the yard and then went back in the house, sat at the kitchen table to ponder the mysterious apparition.

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