Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bread Face

Two sides of the dream, awake and sleeping, mind divided, subject object, observer and that which is observed, thing in itself (some sort of essence, primal force or whatever word could be invented to try and put into words what existed before language attempted to squeeze experience into the confines of grammar) and manifestation of the thing, the riddle of the universe nobody has or ever will be able to answer. It's an unanswerable question.

Happy sad, what did you expect? No answer could go beyond the limitation of being an answer. Each answer gives rise to further questions. Answers might offer brief satisfaction, but never go beyond the here and now of the circumstances in which the answer is proposed. It is not possible to ever know why this is happening, other than the fact that it does appear to be happening.

The story of the picture: I was babysitting a three-year old. As an activity, we did food art, painting on pieces of food and crackers and then taking photos. I added a little hot sauce to spice things up.

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Anonymous said...

There are no awnsers. Transcending duality, one will find only silence. Melodious silence.