Saturday, April 9, 2011

up against the wall

Clothes made a stink about needing to be washed, carrots asked to be cut before boiling, microwave rice and lentils, throw in a little curry, Lohbado was about to sit down and eat when Keith Chambers phoned and demanded to be seen. Lohbado said he could not visit Chambers room, but Keith Chambers could visit Lohbado. (Is there a difference between the man considered as Keith independent of the Chamber, or do the two go together like a pot and its lid under the bed? Such dreamlike considerations, quite typical of the moronic mumbling that goes on at Club Morono, nearly caused his soup to get cold.) Entschlossenheit!

Lohbado hung up the phone and returned to the meal. Life problems, unpleasant surprises, accident, loss, misfortune knock a person down. Just as others may have at one time appeared silly to you, just so, you appear silly to others. Be kind to one another. You know how painful it feels to be judged, ridiculed and scorned. There's no shame in having met misfortune. No need to be embarrassed. As long as Lohbado can stand up and gaze at the sky, he'll be alright. Reconciliation feels better than conflict. If one can't be reconciled, then at least one could respect difference.

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