Sunday, April 10, 2011

traffic accident Cote des Neiges

On the way to Plaza Cote des Neiges, I saw an accident, a triple collision, crumpled car and mashed minivan. The transit bus emerged without a scratch. Both car and van plowed into the side of the bus. Those buses are built like tanks. I arrived as the paramedics were putting the victims on stretcher. Fortunately, the injuries didn't appear too serious, at least, not at a glance.

(Actually, I just saw in Journal de Montreal that fortunately, nobody was hurt.) 

A crowd of people gathered around. It was across from Plaza Cote des Neiges. People were orderly and calm. On the way back from buying groceries at Marche Fu Tai, I took a few photos with a pocket camera, since other people were taking pictures and filming it with cell phones and gadgets.

It's sad to see people get hurt and to have their motor vehicles smashed. The urge to look at accidents is something shared by a lot of people. It made sense to pause a moment and contemplate the sudden disruption of everyday life. One moment, you're hurrying from here to there, mind abuzz. Suddenly, accident! Everything grinds to a halt for a minute or two as one gazes on in surprise and disbelief.

Accidents are a good reminder to slow down and pay attention, instead of being distracted and impatient. It's also a reminder about the fragility of life. You never know when something might happen. Better enjoy the instant in case the next moment is an unpleasant surprise.

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