Monday, January 24, 2011

God and Coffee

Along life's highway, I discovered a perfect visual marriage of commerce and religion, nothing new. There's even a movie about it, called The Bible and Gun Club. OK, forget about religion for a moment. Let's not belabor the obvious, or maybe what I have to say is obvious. What is implied in the concept of God? That's a huge question I won't even attempt to answer, except to stutter a few words on behalf of Dreaming Man.

While gazing into a cup of Tim Horton's coffee, while being aware of the church next door, the black coffee began to swirl in the paper cup. A round, black portal appeared, like the pupil in a large third eye. Looking deeply into the third eye that appeared in the cup of black coffee, I fell into the cosmos, upwards into the sky, beyond the atmosphere, into space, punctuated with billions of stars, planets and all sorts of stuff an astronomer might attempt to explain.

I had a strong feeling that something was happening. It was as if maybe the riddle of the universe was about to be answered. Things would become clear. A state of rapture and blissful streaming, a sense of being at one with the cosmos would follow. The moment I sighed and leaned back in anticipation of good vibrations, the experience ended. My mind completely blanked out. I was at a loss of what to say. Maybe there was nothing to say. It was a bit disappointing. I hoped, at the very least, to have had a mystical experience. I finished the cup of coffee, got back in the car, with my brother and we went back out on the freeway.

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