Monday, September 7, 2009

Digest and Be Digested

Maybe some of the pictures were a little morbid, deadbeat, whatever. There's more to the story. The pictures are part of the sickness. The next phase is taking medicine and dissolving the sickness, or emerging from dark clouds of affliction. This is the true meaning of resurrection. Rise, candles in the bathtub, (more about that in future posts) and then zombies appeared in the hot light.

Ultimately, the medicine is to keep making pictures and texts and to find out what they want. The pictures and texts are like demons, asking to be noticed. They won't go away until I pay attention. Maybe it's not possible to understand the images. The situation digests itself; a sequence of images fade and then others appear, light and dark.

A doorway opened, a tear in the membrane, the wall melted into soft tissue. A procession of zombies attempted to rise from the bed, to overcome the pull of inertia, sluggishness, exhaustion, thantos, disintegration, or spontaneous self-digestion. Imagine a body capable of consuming and digesting itself from the inside out.

The body undergoes a kind of digestion, in the belly of the environment. The body loses moisture, (I'm studying moisturology), gets stooped, shrivels into old age, dries out, life evaporating, body decomposes, crumbles to dust or burns in the fire. My body is half-digested, the smooth youthful skin rough and dry, wrinkles, growths, discoloration, moles, melanomas, red patches, varicose veins pop out like worms, as if some invisible force squeezes and wrings the body, a kind of churning, pulsating process that turns a youthful body into something worn, ravaged, used and abused. Muscles go to flab. Gravity yanks at the eyes. They sink and droop deeper into the sockets.

Ravage of time and the toll of slavery to a job digest the body. First a child is born. The baby swells to adult size. Young adult body bloats and puffs into middle-age body. When it feels as though the body can't expand anymore, the shrivilege and shrinkage of old age, sickness and death happens. The digested body becomes a corpse.

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