Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Medicine: walk slowly to the cafe, past a row of tall trees, past delivery trucks and people going to work, into the cafe, noisy with jazz radio, a friendly greeting from the man behind the counter. I would like to be cheerful like him.

Chase away the blues with a few cups of coffee. Slow down, look at the mind; gaze at the beauty of nature in the city, foliage and flowers. Don't dwell on the past. Be here now. Good times come and go. Don't cling to the highs. Most of life is spent cruising the highway through plains of unspectacular scenery.

The road of life, nobody knows where it leads, although there are as many theories as there are languages. None of them cross the wall of mystery, although some people insist they have the answer. The answers are full of holes. This is not to say life has no meaning. It would be foolish to make dogmatic statements about existence one way or the other. How could one talk about something that can't be talked about, other than to describe the situation and to point out the limits of reason and understanding?

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