Friday, October 17, 2008

the river felt she wanted salt

that's a quote from Finnegan's Wake, by James Joyce. a blog of this nature may or may not be suitable for somebody who sometimes has trouble sleeping, due to a lot of thinking. Finnegan's Wake is the perfect novel for moments of mental turmoil or insomnia.

That's a funny novel, a bit confusing at first, because it breaks down boundaries of grammar and evokes strange mental sensations. It's much easier to read after you give up preconceived notions, or approach it with an open and playful mind.

I chose this as a blog title because just about everything i tried was already taken. Finally, in desperation, i reached for FW and that sentence popped from the page. It fit perfectly, since last week i was actually floating on fresh water. Tommy Kudluk invited me to ride in his boat. Half way up river, salt water meets fresh water.