Wednesday, May 16, 2012


small OOO Cha painting
white teeth are in style

Like many people, I spent years living in cramped quarters, with paper thin walls. I currently live in a small basement apartment. Here, the neighbors are courteous. By common agreement, we're quiet. Silence is good medicine.

In the past, I wasn't so lucky. I was subjected to the noise of other people's stereos. I had to cope with the thump of bass and drums, the OOO CHA rhythm. In the nineties, stereo systems created super bass, so loud, it would cause windows to vibrate and deep, disturbing vibes that went into the bones of anyone within range. The amazing thing is that some people liked it.

What bothered me most was the moronic rhythm, the dull, machine-like thud as the stereo bludgeoned the ears. If you were trying to sleep, it would wake you up. If you were trying to focus or concentrate, it would create irritating distraction.

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