Thursday, September 22, 2011

vivid good morning

The dreaming man challenge is how to put vivid into words. It's from the feeling family, perhaps flaky, lumpy, oozing, gooey. It is, nonetheless, an experience, similar to the sudden squeeze and downward pulsation in the abdomen after eating a bowl of moldy noodles. Maybe it would be best captured in sound, for example, the sound of front end loaders digging up the street to do some sort of repair. I'll go out later and have a look. A hydro van is parked down from the front end loader. A stream of brown fluid flows along the curb.

The indifference of a moaning motor outside this building, vibrations, enjoy the warning beep as a big truck backs up. I walked to the plaza and approached it from behind. In the sunken parking lot, about the size of a football field, a man operated a remove controlled hot rod, about the size of a beagle hound. Such a small toy made a loud noise, it made me laugh. A few men stopped to watch. A woman shook her head and kept on walking. After he was done racing the car, the man climbed the grassy embankment and then had the car race up the hill. The tires spun and a lot of smoke came out the exhaust, but the toy hot rod did it.

I was too shy to take a picture of the hot rod. After, I took photos, with a Canon Powershot, of the ass end of the plaza.

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