Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let It Speak

Basement moisture strangulation, food belly situation, it’s time to smile. Instead of grumbling about the situation, welcome the experience. Let it speak. Don’t turn away from insistent sensations, muttering apparitions, weeping spirits, jealous demons, hungry ghosts, you’re in one of those realms.

I am in one of the many possible or impossible indescribable or, someone might add, unidentifiable states of affairs. To silence the stomach, I ate a peanut butter sandwich and drank water, clear fluid from the river, to mix with saliva and moisturize the body, as any moisturologist would recommend.

Don't turn away in moralistic indignation. This is not a time to be spiritual or religious. There's no avoiding the issue. Certain sensations and thoughts are happening. Deal with them. Focus inward or open outward, there's more than one way to cook an egg. Do not despise the lowly piece of bread, for it is the staff of life. Don't worry about lodging. Even the peanuts of the plantation are enclosed in openable shells.
Water flows freely. Let go.

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