Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mad Melvin Arrested At Mannequin Hotel

 Thanks to the speedy intervention of Push Button Man, Mad Melvin will never again unleash his megalomaniac schemes of destruction on the world. Read all about the hot action down at the Mannequin Hotel in the city of Leben Traum.

Ok, here’s what you do. Bring a cup of coffee into the living room. Place the cushions into the lower back and get comfortable. Grab two or three books. Start reading and drinking coffee. Soon the dreary world of worry drops away.

 The damp cold of night gives way to the heat of day. Close your eyes and visualize a hotel of passion. Visualize a room full of fire and a mannequin gazing out from a country and western movie situation, the climax, shoot em up, explosions, balls of fire, big music and sound effects, the works, a hot dog all dressed, plenty of ketchup, crimson velvet drapery to create ambience during the romance scenes. Give her a hug, against a back drop of fire, before the whole thing breaks with the wind, before the wall comes tumbling down. Joe fought a real battle over at the tourist hotel. He waged a war against the price of sin. The forces of good and evil struggled in his chest.

Mad Melvin, an evil, self-absorbed ego-maniac planned to manipulate the scene, to destroy people who got in the way, in fact, to not only destroy those who would interfere with his mad schemes, but to destroy for the delight of destruction. To operate quickly and decisively, without pausing to reflect won him applause from his group of desperado disciples. People are more impressed with storm and thunder than with carefully thought out strategies and communication. Diplomacy failed the moment the megalomaniac decided the use of force would be more fun.

Mad Melvin didn’t count on Push Button Man. Melvin pushed too many buttons. Push Button Man, as soon as his buttons were pressed, turned into a powerful fighting machine. He burst into the secret headquarters of Mad Melvin, grabbed him by the throat and shoved him in a metal cage and delivered him to justice.

 Thanks to the thoughtful and quick intervention of Push Button Man, Mad Melvin now resides in maximum security for life, where he can dream about conquering and destruction all he likes. Maybe in jail he’ll have time to reflect and conquer some of the demons in his own mind. That would be impressive, if Mad Melvin could overthrow the madness of his megalomaniac ego, if he could overcome the destructive qualities of his mind and learn to get along with people.

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