Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Tower Construction

Cherry pink city, you don't have to be afraid to say it out loud, or you could say it quietly, or just think the words: pink bowl of cherries life routine, similarity of movement every day during a lifetime, for example, the lifting of a spoon or glass to the mouth, the placing of one's head on a pillow, standing under a spray of water and so on.

Huge cherry pink dream of skyscrapers with cute cats peering out from where you'd least expect. Do something over and over again until maybe understanding happens, or maybe not. Maybe confusion rules forever. A few rays of light might break through the clouds, but it's mostly staggering through life in a zombie-like daze.

Build a pink tower of Babel and start talking, before it's finished and communication fragments. Was there something best said in one universal language, or could it be better spoken in thousands of ways in thousands of dialects? What exactly was it that you were trying so desperately to say before misunderstanding took place?

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