Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saliva-filled Pelvic Basin

Lobadoh kindly allowed me to provide a few items from a long list of artistic suggestions offered during a typical Morono Art Workshop.

1. make a list of ordinary things.
2. make a list of sounds.
3. funky text: pelvic basin, two legs to stand on ground under foot
4. the bathrooms here are well kept.
5. Greyhound Voyage, Jean Coutu clock, string to tie suitcase, wallpaper paste, the way of the toilet, dripping tap, pool of urine, single-ply toilet paper, don’t dry your hands on greasy towel, don’t touch the door handle, microbes.
6. wasp attracted to lip mucous on a glass, one tub of ketchup, one tub of mayonnaise, murmur of conversation, sound of jet plane, dishes being collected from tables, child screaming, air vent.
7. two bottles olive oil.
8. ongoing description of yourself.
9. bearded one from no forest, black fly tumors. Dream the other way. Tell-tale look in the eye. Flicker of recognition.
10. He looked like he wasn’t having fun in life, until the turkey sandwich provided inspiration. It reminded him of the good old days, mama’s turkey dinner, with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. Turkey stinks when it cooks. It smells steamy and warm, like flatulence.
11. He came out of moldy, musty cracks in the brick and concrete to deliver bad news, you broke a minor local bylaw. You forgot to measure the weight of caffeine in the coffee. The Department of Coffee needs to know in order to determine what level of permit is required, and the cost (racket) of the required permit.

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